The Dudson Centre Cafe

The cafe’s aim is simple: to provide a range of healthy innovative, fresh & moderately priced food and drinks incorporating daily specials in a relaxed and friendly environment.

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We do not cut corners with our food, sourcing only the freshest food available from local quality assured suppliers, based on strict criteria varying from the quality of their produce to the cleanliness of their delivery vans. As standard, we always monitor and update our own strict hygiene & quality standards proving our commitment to quality of service and also ensuring that this service never falls below expectations.

With new and adventurous menus crafted by chef Ian Woodhouse you will want to return to the cafe daily! Please click here for more information about the Cafe.

Buffet Catering Menu

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Are you in need of catering for your event, conference or training? The Dudson Centre Cafe are experienced in providing high quality buffets. Please click here for more information.

Buffet Booking – If you wish to book your buffet please click here.

Refreshments Booking – If you to book your refreshments (e.g tea and coffee) please click here.

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